First Year of Marriage

One year ago today May 5th, 2017 we were married! It was a Friday evening on a golf course in Pennsylvania! It was a beautiful, wonderful, and magical day, in every sense of the word. Back then we had no idea we would be homesteaders (or that we’d even own a home at this point) and while the journey has been crazy, tough, and way more than most couples go through in 10 years, we are thankful that the hard times are behind us for now and we can celebrate all of the many things God has done for us over the past year! We have lost almost everything we owned this year to a flood, been homeless, spent thanksgiving living in a hotel, and reached the end of our ourselves time and time again. Through all of this God has remained faithful and our relationship has been strengthened by the trials. This post isn’t much about homesteading but it’s everything about real, raw, and beautiful life and marriage shared through pictures. I hope you enjoy a peak into the life we have built over the past year together.

Aside from our wedding we have had many adventures, explorations, 2 dogs, chickens, a homemade raised garden, and an amazing time together. Some people read about romantic lifestyles, we live it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into our past year. Living in an RV, Thanksgiving in a hotel, Christmas season in a hotel, dozens of adventures and two crazy dogs that have filled our lives with joy every single day! In one picture you can see Felix getting ready for an event outside of a storage unit. Almost everything we owned was in that storage unit. Moldy clothes, good clothes, water damaged items, all thrown together because after living in a toxic mold environment for over a month because we honestly had no idea when we’d get to move out. Through this whole process he never complained. He didn’t complain that he’d regularly have to get ready for things at the storage unit, he didn’t complain that our thanksgiving meal was 85% microwaved. He didn’t complain that our Christmas tree had no decorations on it. He just took it with stride and often comforted a tear eyed me, who was constantly overwhelmed by the whole thing! In the past year we’ve lived in an RV, a house, a hotel 2x, and with a friend. It has been one crazy ride but it has been our adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Here’s to year #2 and hoping for much less tragic, less expensive, and more adventure filled new year of marriage.

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