The Homesteading Disaster

Sometimes Homesteading is an adventures, sometimes it’s a disaster, whichever way it goes it’s always an experience. Before you jump full force into our Homesteaders Skincare Recipe, in full disclosure, there is something I should tell you. While this is great for humans, and safe for us to use on our skin and even eat, it is not safe for dogs. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. One night after showering and using my DIY facewash in the shower I left the jar sitting on the tubs edge and went to bed. Normally, we close the bathroom door because our dogs love the bathtub! (They aren’t your typical dogs) They love water, swimming, and especially drinking from the bathtub! Gross, I know! But they love it. While we don’t approve of this behavior sometimes it slips by our watchful eyes, which is exactly what happened the other night.


We were both exhausted by the long day and fell asleep pretty early. I have no idea what the time was or anything but I woke up because I heard some clanging coming from outside our room. I found Sadie in the bathroom with almost my entire face wash eaten. “No big deal.” I thought to myself. Moved the face wash jar away from her and went back to bed.

The next morning we woke up to a mess. Sadie had thrown up everywhere. on the floors, on the furniture, it was disgusting. (I hope this isn’t TMI at this point, I promise there’s a point to this being included) We were having the hardest time figuring out what had made her sick, until I went to wash my face. I remembered Sadie and her late night snacking that had awoken me. I already knew that coconut oil was okay for dogs to eat so I quickly googled “baking soda and dogs”. There I find that baking soda is highly toxic for dogs. We monitored her closely for the next 48 hours, gave her some water, and little food. She had an upset stomach for a while but came through the whole experience just fine, thank goodness!

I tell you all of this to warn you! If you use the facewash mix don’t leave it where your dog can get to it! The container mine is kept in has a latch on it, yet that didn’t stop her!

Keep face wash out of reach of pets!

Sadie is a Rottweiler. She’s strong, resilient, and has an iron stomach. While she got lucky this time your pup may not always be so fortunate. Homesteading comes with lots of learning, exploring, errors, and growing. This was a huge learning experience for me and I share all of this so you can learn from my terrible mistake of leaving the face wash mix within dogs reach!

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