Fall: A Season to Renew & Refesh

September is just around the corner and we here at The Little Blue Homestead are fully embracing the (slightly) cooler weather. If you’re anything like us summertime was spent focusing on enjoying time outdoors over having a perfectly kept house and schedule. While we love the relaxed schedule of that time of year there’s just something refreshing about returning to a structured routine. The school year picks back up, mornings are cooler, sunlight is shorter, and it seems every store has a touch of pumpkin in the air. With that structured schedule and scent of fall in the air comes more time spent blogging and sharing about our Homesteading experiences. I wanted to kick off this new season by sharing some tips on how to add structure and keep scheduled no matter how crazy life gets.

  1. Be Intentional. Life has a lot to throw at you but by being intentional about even the little things makes all the difference. Be intentional about making your bed in the morning. After a busy day it’s nice to fall into a clean, well made bed. Be intentional about catching the sunrise or sunset and enjoying even a moment of peace while you admire the handiwork of our Creator. Be intentional about adding fruits or vegetables into your diet even if you know you’ll end up eating fast food every day for lunch, you’ll feel better knowing you at least “tried”. Be intentional about feeding your heart, mind, and soul something that makes you feel more alive, even if you only have 5 spare minutes. Read the book, take a longer shower, put on that makeup if it makes you feel good (or don’t) step outside for some fresh air on your lunch break, listen to the podcast, do whatever makes you happy. Just be intentional about adding whatever makes you feel more like you, into your life.
  2. Be a Friend. I’m new to this whole adult friendship world but let me tell you, it’s hard. Between work and other responsibilities having friends doesn’t come naturally just by convenience like in college, or by lifetime association like in high school, it’s something you have to work for, pursue, and intentionally build. Be the person that peruses friendship. Reach out to those you don’t know or haven’t seen in a while. Take the chance on hanging out with almost complete strangers. Be the friend you would want to have. You’ll never regret it.
  3. Be Simple. I often see these crazy recipes or decorating tips or homesteading ideas and think, “Wow! I’d love to do that.”  They’re usually big, beautiful, amazing, but incredibly unrealistic for functioning in a day to day situation. When you’re presented with options of more things to add to your life, be simple. Pick the simple and timeless décor, opt for the meal that leaves you with more time to actually spend with family and friends, don’t go crazy with all of the homesteading tips and tricks if you’re trying to juggle it around a real life and a full time job. Choose the simple path and adjust as necessary.
  4. Be Gracious. This one has been something God has been working on directly with me. Be gracious to your husband after he’s left open every cabinet, worn his sandy shoes through the entire house, and then scratched up any piece of furniture that had some monetary value. (These are just examples that may or may not be everyday life over here on our homestead) Be gracious to that crazy driver on the road. Be gracious to the 80 year old man who counts his exact change in line in front of you when you’re in a hurry. (That may be you some day) Be gracious to the neighbor who runs the lawnmower at 6:30 am every Saturday morning. Be gracious to the coworker that is late to every meeting. Just be gracious. Life is so much calmer and stress free when you practice graciousness no matter the situation.
  5. Be Organized. Organize your house. Clean out the junk. Take the clothes that don’t fit right out of your closet. Organize your work space, get rid of the clutter and extra papers. Create a routine to organize your every day. Make a schedule that works for you and stick to it. This well help keep you focused and organized, leaving more room and time in your life to enjoy the simple things.

Embrace this season. I know some people love to bring out their pumpkin spice everything, big chunky sweaters, and flannel attire. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Write out whatever decisions you make to build a better life for yourself this fall. Then live in the moment as you establish habits and routines that make you life, and yourself, more beautiful than ever before.

If you apply any of these ideas and share them on social media, tag me on Instagram @thelittlebluehomestead or comment below. I’d love to see and learn from whatever new things you are applying to your life.



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