Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

Walmart-Grocery-Pick-Up_0007I finally got on board with modern technology and tried out the Walmart Grocery Pickup for the first time this week. I’ve heard mostly raving reviews and since I had a $10 off $50 I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s my review of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful of Walmart Grocery Pickup.

1. It Saves Time

Everywhere I read gushed praises about how much time doing the grocery pickup would save. I’m all about efficiency and just like everyone else, if I can save time doing a weekly task count me in! Sunday evening, I downloaded the Walmart Grocery App and began selecting everything I wanted for the week. We are just two people so this task isn’t super lengthy and took me approximately 20 minutes to complete from download to checkout. On Monday afternoon I left work and headed straight to the store for my scheduled pickup time of 5-6pm. I sat there for about 20 minutes mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest before my car was loaded and ready to go. All in all, between ordering and waiting for delivery it took a total of about 40 minutes vs. my usual 60 minutes to do all of the shopping, that’s a 20 minute time saver that I think anyone would welcome after a long workday.

2. It’s Convenient

I have 2 Walmart’s and about 3 grocery stores within 3 miles of my house. (Talk about convenient) so getting to the store has never been an issue for me. On a bad day it will take me 10 minutes to get to the store, on a good day 4 min, so convenient shopping is all I really know. Using the Grocery Pickup added to the convenience! Aside from opening the trunk and signing their signature pad I didn’t have to leave the car. This fact would be especially useful for people with mobility impairment, people with small children, or pregnant people like me with sore feet.

3. It Saves Money

Saved money is like re-making money and I’m all for that! If you’ve followed me on Instagram or seen any of my other posts here you already know that one of my primary goals is to save my family as much money as possible and become completely debt free before we’re 30 years old! #goals So when I was able to buy a weeks worth of groceries for less that $50 I’m all in! Our original total before the discount was $54 but by adding the coupon it brought us to $44. We will be out of town for a day this weekend and made plans to eat dinner out for that day so a total of $44 will make a total of 40 meals + snacks for just under $1.05 per person, per meal! That’s a budget win in my book!

Would I recommend Walmart Grocery Pickup?

Yes and No. I think it depends on the day. While I loved the time and budget savings there were a few things that had to be substituted that I would have much rather just picked out myself. They did a great job at picking out fruits and veggies (we didn’t need any meat this trip) but lagged a little when it came picking out foods with the longest shelf life. I had bought $3 bread for my breakfasts and they picked one that had a “best if used by” date of 2 days from then. They also picked the $1 Walmart loaf of bread with a “sell by” date of the next day. I understand why they do that but if I had my preference I’d choose the ones with the longest shelf life. That was my own “complaint” with Grocery Pickup, otherwise I’d recommend it to anyone! In fact, even with that small downside I’d recommend it to anyone! You can always throw the bread in the fridge or the freezer if you’re concerned about it not lasting as long as you’d like.

If you’ve used Grocery Pickup feel free to share your experience in the comments below or on our Walmart Grocery Pickup post over @homestead_it on Instagram!

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