Our Fall Bucket List

Fall has finally arrived here in Northwest Florida and I can’t wait to do all of the fall things as fast as fast as possible while the weather is still cool. After having off from work for Hurricane Michael I was able to work Tuesday night to get all the things done and have a full day of rest on Wednesday. That means I’ve hit this Thursday ready and refreshed to work hard, be creative, and freed up some spare time to create my fall bucketlist for 2018. Here’s the list I’ve created and I hope it inspires you to do a thing or two this fall to build memories and enjoy the beautiful weather.

1. Make Apple Butter

In all my 24 years of life I have never once made apple butter! Growing up I loved when we’d go out to eat at a place called Good ‘N Plenty in Lancaster, PA because they had the best apple butter! Aside from having it there I can’t remember any specific place that made apple butter so well. When my parents were in town visiting us we all went out to eat at Lambert’s Café in Foley, AL and it brought back all those pleasant memories of eating apple butter, so I thought “make apple butter” would be the perfect thing to add to this fall bucketlist. Now, I haven’t made it yet so I don’t have any amazing apple butter recipes of my own to share with you but here are a few I found on Pinterest that sounded amazing:

  1. Easy Apple Butter by Life As A Strawberry
  2. Easy Overnight Slowcooker Apple Butter by Graceful Little Honey Bee
  3. Sugar Free Apple Butter by Oldwood Garden Farms

2. Go to a Corn Maze

Another of my fondest fall memories is going to a corn maze. Some good ones to checkout if you’re in Eastern PA are Varner’s Farm in Collegeville, PA (plus they have amazing apple cider) or Cherry Crest Farm in Ronks, PA which is a great one especially for people with small children. Since moving to Northwest Florida my favorite corn maze so far has been Sweet Seasons in Milton, FL. The bonus to visiting their corn maze is that they also have a massive sunflower patch!

3. Decorate for Fall

We already checked this one off a little while ago but no fall bucketlist is complete without a point about actually decorating for the season. We went with simple décor for this first fall in our new house. 3 pieces of décor in the living room, 3 in the dining area, and 2 in the kitchen. By keeping the décor clean and simple it helped us stay on budget, not feel cluttered, and will make taking down the decorations when we set up for Christmas a 5 minute affair! I bought every fall decoration in our home at Hobby Lobby with the exception of 2 candles from Walmart. I had searched high and low for inexpensive candles that still smelled good and found the perfect pumpkin spice ones in Walmart for less than $5 each I think in total we spent about $50 decorating our home for the fall season. It’s enough to help us feel warm and cozy for the fall season but not overwhelmed by budget breaking spending!

4. Carve Pumpkins

I’ll be honest, one part of me hates carving pumpkins. The “goop” (yes that’s the official homesteaders word for it) inside of the pumpkin grosses me out! I love picking a pumpkin, carving it out, and then lighting it up at night but my goodness that goop almost always takes me down! Still, carving pumpkins is one of my most favorite things to do for fall and I just have to make sure I do it with someone who doesn’t mind removing all the pumpkin nastiness for me.

5. Go on a Fall Hike

IMG_20170529_185533_308Hiking in Florida is a funny thing. You don’t cross mountains and rivers and rock beds. You cross sand! Lots and lots of sand! And as for rivers? You may have them but they are usually covered by a wooden bridge of some sort because the embankments are always crazy because of seasonal flooding and then there’s also alligators to worry about. Still, fall here in Florida is beautiful because you can actually breathe when you head outdoors without being stifled by humidity!

6. Visit a Farmers Market

Last year when we lived in the country there was a small fruit stand type of shop that I loved purchasing my fruits and veggies from! It was the cutest little place that also had great prices for getting the locally grown stuff! Now that I’ve moved out of the country and closer to the city I have to be more intentional about visiting any farmers markets when the mood strikes me. Know of any good ones in Northwest Florida or South Alabama? Let us know in the comments! I’m always on the lookout for a great one to visit!

7. Cook a Bonfire Dinner

On a weekend way to hot to be working outside I built us a brick firepit in the backyard. We already owned every material necessary (sand and bricks) so it was a simple and easy project for the day. Now that the weather is cooling down I’m thankful I got it built and have added cooking a nice, true backyard bbq dinner on that firepit!

8. Homemade Pumpkin Bread

The college I went to made the best pumpkin bread! There were few foods I enjoyed there more than the pumpkin bread! Last fall I made a bunch of the students still there than I knew a whole loaf of pumpkin bread for each of them and it was the best experience to remind me to be thankful and intentional about serving others. This fall I’ve added it to the list again because if nothing else, it smells amazing! If you’re looking for a good pumpkin bread recipe check out this one by thefrugalgirls.com


9. Go Camping

Last fall we lived in an RV. By definition we were always camping! This year we’ll have to be more intentional about planning a true camping trip for the two of us before Baby Toussaint get’s here. Instead of buying tons of expensive camping gear I’m going to soon plan a camping trip for us that we can do out of the back of Felix’s Jeep! I don’t know all the where, when’s and how’s of this trip quite yet but I’ll be planning it soon and when I’m done I’ll be happy to share with you all how the trip went.

10. Have a Picnic in the Park

The other day I was working an event in downtown Pensacola for my day job and saw a couple sitting down on a blanket having a picnic beneath the share of some large oak trees. It was a beautiful scene and while the weather was in the mid 90’s that day I made a mental note to save that idea for a cool fall day. If you have any picnic food ideas for us leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear your suggestions.

These are just a quick 10 different ideas you can do this fall but there’s hundreds more! Share your list in the comments below or tag us in your photos on Instagram whenever you get a chance to do something on your 2018 fall bucketlist! Happy Fall Friends! Stay safe and enjoy this beautiful season of change.

No part of this post was sponsored. All links added to this post are of products we think you’ll like and places we genuinely love (and hope that you do to). We aren’t against affiliated posts but wanted to make sure you know that this one is not affiliated with any party. Thank you for reading! We appreciate you. 

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