7 Day Social Media Break

Our culture pushes “keeping up”. Keeping up with friends, with trends, with style, with technology, with the newest, latest, and greatest. If you’re anything like me you feel this push primarily through social media. Through the ads, through the perfectly posed pictures that highlight only the greatest and best, through the humble brags about how “blessed” people are with their new car, new purse, new house, new phone, new whatever. Subconsciously, this starts to wear on you. Starts to make you feel like you need more friends, like you’re not enough, like you’re less than because of where you are in your journey. I know this only because I’ve been there. I’ve looked at the photos and thought “wow, I need to step it up”. How do they afford all of these thing? How can they constantly go on vacation? How do they go out for lunch every day, am I the only one who goes to work?

Surely, I’m not the only one who has felt this pressure, felt this push to be more and do more and share more to “keep up”. You see a friend doing something great and what should be happiness for where they are at instead feels like defeat. It feels like you’ll never get there, like you’re never enough and what they are doing you become discontent with where you are right now!

So I quit. For 7 days I quit the comparison. I quit the advertisement overload. I quit the complaints, the humble brags and the constant noise that I was allowing into my life! Any you know what…I was no worse without it!

What happened when I quit social media? 

I could go on for days about what exactly happened when I quit social media but to put it simply stuff happened. As in, I actually got out of bed right away in the morning and got things done. No scrolling through facebook, watching instastories, or watching others lives pass me by through tiny little squares. I actually lived life. I came home from work not “too tired to do anything” but ready to tackle the next project. To put it simply, I regained my time, myself, and my life.

  • I was more productive.
  • I was more creative.
  • I was more calm.
  • I was more collected.
  • I was better rested.
  • I read books.
  • I worked on house projects.
  • I learned new things about the world around me and about myself,
  • I did some type of cardio or yoga daily.
  • I played with my dogs more.
  • I mentally prepared for our newest family member coming in 2019.
  • I planned a little for Christmas,

Do you see a trend? Things that would have normally taken me months to complete were done in 1 workday evening. I normally read 1 book per month but cutting social media allowed me to get through an entire book in a week! I made breakfast (as in fresh eggs and bacon with a side of orange juice) for us several mornings while still getting to work early 3 times during that week. All of this, simply because I took a break and stepped away from social media.

The point of sharing all of this is, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, mentally exhausted, or just not to where you’d like to be take a break from social media. Evaluate your life without all of the unnecessary background noise and figure out where to go from there. Use a week off from social media as time to make a game plan to better your life.

We’re about to head into the holidays and I’d hate for you to miss something because your head was looking down at your phone. Put the phone away and enjoy that cup of coffee or hot chocolate without any other distractions. Savor that flavor and the moment. Watch a Christmas movie with your family without ever picking up your phone. Stand in line and smile or better yet, actually talk to the cashier. Take in your surroundings instead of reaching for your phone the moment you feel a slight pause in your day. Savor it.  Savor the pause, the quiet, the calm. Take in your environment, your family, your life and enjoy the moment your in while you’re in it.

To be honest, you might feel award at first without having the constant pull or strain of a new notification at your finger tips. That’s okay. You’ll adjust and when you do you’ll realize there’s immense freedom living a life detached from social media. (Even if it’s only for 1 week) I challenge you to give it a try. Log out. Delete from your phone. Have a friend change your password. Do whatever you need to, to get your life where it needs to be without the constant distraction of social media.

If you have anything to add to this or any questions please feel free to speak up in the comments below! I’d love your input on how a social media break has worked for you or to hear why you don’t use it at all!  Different things work for different people and we can all learn from your experience.

Thanks for reading and check back on Tuesdays & Thursday for new content!

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