Homesteading On A Budget

Homesteading can be expensive, especially when you are just starting out. There’s fancy gear and equipment and a list of projects a mile long. Every time you wake up there seems to be a new idea, a new project, or a new way to simplify your life staring you down. Thankfully, with careful planning and a little extra hard work, there are ways to homestead on a budget.

  • Get a seasonal job!

Shortly after we bought our house and started our city homestead I picked up a seasonal job at Lowes. Almost overnight every project became less expensive. Lowes offers employees 10% off which meant that every project just became that much cheaper. In addition to getting a discount on everything we purchased working there meant I was constantly seeing what was on sale. I’d see when wood was on sale, when they discounted the “dying” plants that just needed some extra water or when an item that worked perfectly fine was marked out as “Damaged” because someone ruined the packaging or stole a piece out of the package.

  • Sign up for emails and newsletters from your local feed store.

Here in our part of Northwest Florida we have Tractor Supply. We have a membership so we save money over time plus we get all of the extra offers sent to us. Sometimes it’s $10 off your purchase of $50 which works great if you plan ahead and buy feed in supplies in bulk. Other times it’s a free lemonade with your next purchase. Whatever it is, it’s great be signed up for ways to save money.

  • Refuse Single Use Items.

I can’t tell you how much money we’ve saved by cutting this out. Cut out single use water bottles, napkins and most paper towels, plastic snack baggies, if it’s a single use item cut it out and replace with a more sustainable option. It costs a little more up front but you’ll be able to watch the savings roll in for months or even years to come.

  • Shop on Craigslist.

I know a lot of people like to talk about the dangers of Craigslist but honestly, if you’re careful, you can pick up some great deals. We got both of our dogs from Craigslist for a whopping total of $400. When you consider that they are both purebreds one of which is a Shorthaired Pointer (think $2,000 hunting dog) and the other was a puppy, I’d say we got a pretty great deal. Shop Craigslist for animals or even homesteading equipment and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by why you will find.

  • Build your homesteading community.

Find friends who grow things and trade with them. Attend local markets and meet other homesteaders, farmers, and growers that you can trade with in the future. Whether you’re trading knowledge, food, or just support, building your homesteading community can make all the difference in how successful you will be.

  • Plan Ahead.

The longer I homestead the more I realize how important planning is. Plan your time, your groceries, your budget, your weekend trips, your laundry days. Plan everything! Not only will you end up saving money by having a plan, you will save time too which means more time spent with the people you love.

Now that you have some extra tips to fuel your creativity for homesteading on a budget get out and homestead! We’d love to hear all the ways you’ve been able to homestead on a budget so share your story on Instagram and tag us @homestead_it




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