Does Nobody Else Work?

On more than one occasion I’ve had a pity party for myself about going to work. Anyone else with me?

I’ve scrolled through Instagram at lunchtime to see friends at the beach, friends on a cruise, friends visiting Disney meanwhile I’m just trying to be the best wife I can be by cleaning my house during Power Hour and rushing back to my desk job, all the while holding onto a glimmer of hope that the weekend is coming and (just maybe) I’ll get to have all of my nails painted, my house clean, and a second to relax if I push super hard during the week.

Anyone else with me? I see other women out shopping, having a daily Starbucks, staying at home with their kids, or talking about their “me time” and then I can’t help but think, does nobody else work anymore? What do all of these women do (or what do their husbands do) that they can just have it all, all the time?

I’m over here living on a budget, working hard to pay off debt and dreaming of having our shower remodeled so I can finally shake the feeling that I’m about to fall through the floor every time I step in there. I let these thoughts get me down and defeated when I’m washing the 1000th dish after a long day of work knowing that there’s still laundry to fold and hoping I can just get a shower in before bedtime.

You feel me? Does anyone else have these self pitty parties? These moments when you feel less than because you get to see someone elses highlight reel on social media? You feel inadequate because you’re never able to hang out with those girls who keep inviting you because you work a day job and can’t be out until 1am on a work night without doing an inadequate job the next day.

That’s when God gently reminds me, they’re giving up something too. Maybe the women who stays home all the time wishes she could have a job like I do. Maybe the person who gets Starbucks every day is secretly drowning in debt and doesn’t see the point in trying to climb out, maybe those girls who hang out super late at night do so because they don’t have a loving husband to come home to at the end of a long day. Then God pushes the thought further and reminds me, I don’t really need to be worrying about others anyway.

I have been blessed with an amazing job.

I drive a car that always has gas in it.

I own my own home.

I have a beautiful backyard.

I have goals I’m working towards.

I have a husband who works hard to help me pursue any dream or desire I have.

I am blessed. Whenever the thoughts of nobody else goes to work or how does everyone else afford these lavish vacations I have to constantly remember that God has placed me exactly where I’m meant to be at this time in my life. He reminds me that it’s none of my business what those other women get to do or have or be. It’s my job and my business to work hard at the plan he has chosen for my life right now.

Girl, if you are ever in the same boat. If you ever feel like all of these other women don’t go to work, don’t have to budget, don’t have a care in the world, please know you have company over here! I may not make a 5 course dinner every night but I do keep my family fed at least 5x a week. I may not have the perfect abs or hair or style but I’m exactly where God wants me to be at this point in my life and so are you!

I’m a homesteader because God has called me to live a slightly different life focused on more natural, sustainable, homegrown products. I work a day job because well, we need to eat. I am a wife because God has blessed me with an amazing husband. I have dishes to do because I’ve been blessed to have food to eat. So yes, my life isn’t as lavish as some but I’m blessed in every way that God felt I needed and when you’re feeling down and less than remember, God has blessed you in unique and remarkable ways too!

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