Creating A Life You Love

The older I get the more I realize that life is too short to spend doing things you hate. Hate mowing the grass, hire someone to do it! Hate bathing your dogs outsource the task. Hate grocery shopping, get them delivered for a nominal fee. I know this probably sounds crazy coming from a homesteader. After all, homesteading is all about being self sufficient and doing everything on your own but truthfully life is too short to spend doing things you hate.

If you hate your home, move. If you hate your financial situation, fix it. If you don’t like the community of people you’ve surrounded yourself with, find new friends! I know I’m simplifying this to the most basic level but truly, create a life you love by getting rid of what you hate.

Personally, I hate junk & clutter. When I walk into a room I want to see only useful items or things that truly bring me joy. Christmas décor brings me joy but has no use. Other than that my normal home décor consists of some plants, some paintings, and a few throw blankets and pillows. Each items adds comfort to our home, brings joy, and the plants purify the air in the process. When I walk into my living room I don’t have to deal with tons of things to clean. I hate cleaning so it makes everything simple and easy for me feel calm and relaxed when I walk into a room.


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