How to Decorate Without Using Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse decor is everywhere. It’s in target, it’s in home goods, it’s all over Pinterest! It’s everywhere! Don’t get me wrong, I love the farmhouse décor! Joanna Gaines made it popular again and simultaneously brought more attention to farming and homesteading as a whole. I love that but when you live on an actual farm or homestead and use pails for water and feed, shovels for digging, and chicken wire for chickens you might not be all that interested in using your outdoor “dirty work” items as interior décor. Am I the only one who feels this way? Maybe I’m alone in wanting a different style reflected inside my home, Pinterest sure makes me feel that way, but if there’s anyone else out there looking to represent a different style inside your home – this one’s for you!

So how do you decorate without using farmhouse décor?

  1. Choose a color scheme. In our home, instead of picking a theme we picked colors. This makes it super simple to keep everything flowing from one room to the next, especially when you live in a 3 bedroom, 900sqft space. For our home, I wanted to focus more on the feel instead of the theme. Our home colors are deep brown woods, neutral walls and furniture with emerald and indigo accents. This gives us a feeling of having the outdoors inside with plants being the main green décor and throw pillows, blankets, and paintings holding down the indigo.
  2. Choose a feel. If I didn’t choose a feel our home would 100% be decorated in beach décor. I absolutely love the beach (Hence why I never left Northwest Florida after college) But to avoid having a theme I instead went with a feel. We chose hygge with a touch of minimalism and LOVE IT! Hygge became super popular a few years back but in our home its still going strong. I love that it’s not based on a style but rather on intentional lifestyle choices. The other half of our home’s décor is minimalism. We try to be very intentional about every decoration or item that we let into our home and attempt to keep our home calm and collected by not allowing “stuff” to overwhelm our small space. But it’s still a work in progress. Mail piles up, clothes seem to grow out of nowhere, and I’m pretty sure the neighbors must be dropping off dishes and containers because they just keep accumulating, despite all of this I still claim minimalism to be part of our home décor because we are intentional about constantly reducing items and refusing junk.
  3. Wait. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve thought something is super cute and wanted to add it to our décor. Instead of just buying it and then adding it to our home I try to wait at least a week before buying it. A prime example of this is our couch throw pillows. Our couches came with throw pillows that I hated. The patterns and colors didn’t do much for me but Target had some amazing pillows that I’d been wanting for a very long time! On my most recent trip to the store I walked past the pillows that I love and noticed they were on clearance! By waiting, I got pillows that were $24 each for only $10 each! By waiting I saved over 50%

If you love farmhouse décor. Do it! Decorate with whatever style you love, make your home you! I have a huge appreciation for homes decorated with the farmhouse style but personally like a simple, almost cozy minimalist style. I love clean simple lines, empty surfaces, fresh flowers, plants, and a few DIY paintings as the extent of decorations in our home. It probably seems funny that we live on a homestead but don’t actually decorate with farmhouse décor, I get it! but with a busy and cayotic life we don’t have the time to be continually cleaning, dusting, and working around rustic one of a kind pieces and that’s okay. It’s okay to live on a homestead and not have farmhouse style. It’s okay to live in an apartment in NYC and have farmhouse style! It’s really whatever works best for you to make you feel most alive and well in your own home and space.

If you’re a homesteader or aspiring to be one I’d love to see photos of how you decorate your home. Feel free to tag me in your Instagram pictures at @homestead_it and as always thanks for reading!


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